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Prime Design Solutions is an experienced architectural technology firm. They have an extensive range of services for commercial and residential property projects spanning from renovations and blueprints to fully designed luxury properties. Known for its stunning design projects and high-quality property services, Prime Design Solutions is an innovator in the industry. 

Prime Design Solutions came to us looking for a brand-new website and brand strategy. They wanted their new site to showcase their range of services, connect with their target audience, and serve as a portfolio for their stunning design projects. 


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Web Design & Development

Prime Design Solutions’ old website wasn’t easy to navigate and did not feature streamlined content. For an architectural design firm, having an effectively designed and developed website is crucial, yet their old site fell flat. 

They wanted their new site to showcase their service offerings and highlight each of their projects, and that’s precisely what the Dopple team did! Our in-house web design team went above and beyond to design and develop a brand new website that fit their brand image, showcased their services, and put a spotlight on all their design projects. 

With a new modernized, high-end feel, their site is now more attractive to customers and has led to sky-high conversion and click rates. 


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