The Lawnfather


The Lawnfather is a three-time lawn care provider of the year, a company that has served the Calgary community for over ten years and is recognized for its exceptional quality of work and customer satisfaction. Experts in all things lawn care and snow removal, the Lawnfather transforms landscapes into visual masterpieces and offers tailored services to suit every client’s needs. Their extensive experience in the field allows them to provide property owners with long-lasting, excellent results for any property. 

However, even the best in the field need help! The old Lawnfather website was lackluster, didn’t convey its key messages, and was built off a premade website template from another agency. As a result, they had difficulties ranking on Google, getting leads, and showcasing the quality work they provide all year round.




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Lawnfather Webpage

Web Design & Development

The old Lawnfather website was unorganized, failed to capture a cohesive identity, and had an overall unintuitive layout and user experience. However, their new website was a significant improvement in all key aspects. 

The creative team at Dopple overhauled the user experience, introducing a new layout and navigation features that helped users easily navigate the site, contact the company, and learn about their various services. 

The new site also saw the addition of an on-screen chat bot and easily accessible quote forms. Finally, the new website saw the addition of weekly blog posts curated by the in-house team at Dopple, which increased their SEO and credibility. 





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