Federation of Calgary Communities


The Federation of Calgary Communities is the largest volunteer movement in the city that works to improve neighbourhood life and help organizations meet their needs. They provide programs and services that help neighbourhood communities to build their organizational capacity, identify and provide local services, and assist with critical issues.

For a movement with such a significant impact on the Calgary community, their old website struggled to establish who they are and what they stood for. Additionally, they found it difficult to build connections within the community and help recruit new members.

Their project required a complete redesign of their website and communications approach. With the help of the Dopple team, they were able to further establish themselves in the community and showcase a website that actually represented their values and goals.




Web Design

Web Development



federation webpage

Web Design & Development

The former Federation of Calgary Communities website was unorganized, failed to capture a cohesive identity, and had an overall unintuitive layout and user experience. However, their new website was a significant improvement in all key aspects. 

The creative team at Dopple overhauled the user experience, introducing a new layout and navigation features that helped users easily navigate the site. Their overall brand identity was simplified to help their users identify their brand, and the addition of hexagon graphics helped bring more depth and creativity to the site. 


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